Best Bali Tour Guide

Bali is the capital of Indonesia, a country in the south-east of Asia, known for its active volcanoes, coral reefs, tropical beaches, coral reefs, blue-green waters, white sandy shores, terrace cultivation of rice fields and lush forests. This spiritual island nation has an intriguing tale attached to each and every some of its monuments.

Tour Packages

Bali is a popular tourist destination and so there are several travel agencies that offer customized tour packages. Besides this, a best Bali tour guide is extremely helpful especially if you do not speak the language. They will explain to you the history behind every monument. Also licensed tour guides are allowed into attraction sites without you having to pay their entry fee.

Places to visit in Bali


The most iconic temple, perched over the top of a rock on the island of Bali is the Tanah Lot temple. This temple is dedicated to the spirit of the seas. It is a great point to view the sunset. A brood of poisonous sea snakes is rumored to circle around the periphery of the rock holding this temple. The snakes are said to keep evil intruders at bay.

The Balinese coast has another 6 temples in the sea just like this.


Ubud is famous for its picturesque terrace cultivation of rice fields. On your way to the top of Tegallalang, you’ll come across numerous roadside diners and stalls selling traditional curios.

If you are a fan of woodwork items and are curious to learn about the local Bali craftsmanship then visit the village of Pakudui.

Ubud also has a sacred monkey forest infiltrated with thousands of grey, long-tailed, macaques. Besides playful primates, these nutmeg forests also house several antique temples.


Being an island city, the entire coast of Bali is fringed with beaches. The most spectacular ones are Nusa Dua, Kuta and Seminyak.

And who can forget the majestic live volcano of Bali.


For buying local souvenirs you can visit the Ubud Art Market right opposite the Ubud Royal Palace.