The Characteristics of Lofts in Houston TX

The lofts are not necessarily referred to the space under the roof of a house, instead by definition; a loft is the space with un-partitioned floors over a warehouse, factory or other industrial or commercial space. By extension, the Loft Apartments Houston is the conversion of space for residential purposes. The designers, developers and architects repurpose the deserted and discarded commercial and industrial buildings in Houston that feature lofts into apartments, thus fusing the past and present to create a dwelling space. Let us know some of the characteristics of Loft Apartments in Houston.

Characteristics of Loft Apartments Houston

The characteristics and features of all Lofts in Houston TX are closely associated to its historical uses and construction. Some of the typical characteristics of these loft apartments in Houston TX are:

• Location – Since the abandoned commercial and industrial buildings are converted for residential uses, most of the loft apartments in Houston are centrally located in the heart of the city with restaurants, entertainment hubs, commerce and business and workplaces in close proximity.
• Expansive Windows & High Ceilings – Commercial buildings used to have high and vaulted ceilings to accommodate the ductwork and equipments and the expansive windows used to provide the workers with natural lighting. These elements are kept intact during the conversion to create an artist live-work loft apartment for dwellers.
• Open Spaces & Mezzanines – Most of the Urban Lofts Houston comprise open, large floor plans to accommodate the large appliances and equipments. The floor plans can also be ever-changing and fluid and all the spaces are defined by functions.
• Exposed Structural Elements – The industrial building developers don’t give much thought to the interior designs and aesthetics. So, the beams, posts and other structural elements are visible in lofts. Most of the loft apartments in Houston usually have these elements exposed.